A new way to address social determinants of health for your most vulnerable members

Health inequity and poor health

Social determinants of health (SDOH) have become part of the national dialogue and are widely acknowledged as an important component of whole person health. Industry experts continue to find that social and economic factors often contribute to health disparities and differences in health between groups of people. In fact, health inequities can lead to overall poorer health and even lower life expectancy. But how do health plans address the social challenges that affect some of your most vulnerable members? 

Advancing quality care in the home

myNEXUS is committed to improving the quality of patient care, managing chronic, long-term conditions, and ensuring that patients stay healthy at home.

Now, we’re introducing the myNEXUS social determinants of health program that assesses and mitigates patients’ social barriers to care. Our program leverages our integrated high-performing provider network, evidence-based clinical pathways, and proprietary technology to help remove social barriers, improve care coordination and care delivery, and reduce hospitalizations and ER visits.

We broke down the details around the social determinants of health as described by the CDC:

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myNEXUS is the newest part of the AIM Specialty Health® (AIM) family of solutions; we’re working together to improve the quality and delivery of care to Medicare patients seeking home care services.